Cannabis Recruitment Partners


Connecting Talent. Healing People. Building Brands. Growing Careers.

Our Mission

420 Career Connect was created to introduce top-tier talent to exceptional employers that not only meet high standards and qualifications for a given search, but more importantly will be a strong culture and chemistry match. It is our intimate knowledge of the Cannabis Industry and ability to evaluate information that does not appear on a job description or resume that truly set us apart as a partner.

420 Career Connect Process

  • Rocket

    Search Preparation & Launch

    Deep dive on clients’ needs, which could include an on site visit. Finalize position description, prepare target lists for roster, networking and recruiting. Begin search as an extension of client team and a Brand Evangelist!

  • Network

    Weeks 1 & 2

    Intensive networking accompanied by aggressive recruiting and an innovative digital/ social engagement program directly supervised by ownership. We begin the discovery phase of our search and move to initial screening. Aim to submit initial candidate profiles by the end of week 2.

  • Funnel

    Weeks 2 & 4

    Continued rigorous and refined search efforts with feedback from initial submissions informing this leg of the search. Working hard to move candidates through the interview process for 2nd and 3rd rounds, gauge and maintain candidate interest. Help to create an efficient and positive interview experience.

  • Weeks 4-6: The Finish Line

    Assist Hiring Managers and HR in the selection process and getting to short list of finalists. Review expectations on both the candidate and client side to ensure there are no surprises. Provide thorough reference checks Help to drive the offer and negotiation process.


A key to our success has been our ability to introduce diverse talent in a wide array of skill sets that contribute to a rich culture and continued growth for our clients.


20 years of experience introducing exceptional talent

Access to our roster of over 20K select CPG, Beauty, Marketing, and Digital candidates

Highly personalized service with a sense of urgency, lead by ownership